Gail Keech, Technology Management, M.S., 2012
Professional Certificate in Project Management, 2010

Business Revisioning Project Manager (9 mos. ongoing)

  • Teach and implement PMI method, 5 processes, and 10 PMBOK areas over the course of the project with respect to learning curves.
  • Through data analysis reduce excess overhead costs by 60%.
  • Utilizing project management processes establish estimating job duration and costs to increase income by 40%.
  • Manage and establish project tracking via Excel with later transition to QuickBooks and teach personnel.
  • Develop procedure for determining costs by researching and analyzing industry benchmarks; teach personnel.
  • Develop scope for projects through interviews with primary stakeholder.
  • Deep knowledge of construction industry supports SOW and development of work breakdown structure (WBS) including assumptions, constraints, and developing risk assessments and teaching these processes to primary stakeholder.
  • Introduce change orders to allow for recalculation of duration and costs in response to out-of-scope deliverables.
  • Establish milestones and phased project WBS to designate performance payments.

Cloud Computing Project Team Member (9 mos.)

  • Responsible for requesting and returning artifacts from/to physical and online secure vaults.
  • Processing artifacts with attention to detail for OCR.
  • Track work process for quality control and follow-up with work requests.
  • Work remotely to download and process files, upload to cloud storage. The only team member to perform this task.
  • Require FBI background check.

Software Application Project Consultant (24 mos.)

  • Support mixed environment PC/MAC/Linux.
  • Requires understanding of software development life-cycle (SDLC) as part of a four person team supporting financial managers.
  • Strong customer support and communication skills translates to retention of 100% participating financial managers while another consultant kept 50% of beta financial managers.
  • Perform hardware and peripheral device support. Ad hoc on-site service in support of stakeholder use of beta software in conjunction with established accounting method for verification/validation.
  • Reconfigure operating systems (DOS and MAC) with awareness for liability risks.

Assistive Technology Project Manager (48 mos.)

  • Evaluate and assess assistive technology needs utilizing recommendations from medical personnel and/or ergonomic best practices.
  • Assess, design, recommend, acquire, purchase, and install system and peripheral devices including eye gaze and voice activated software.
  • Select COTS application software to accommodate special needs of stakeholders ranging from low-to-no vision, low-to-no hearing, lack of finger dexterity, and peripheral devices for quadriplegia and paraplegia.
  • Develop project plan for committee review and authorization.
  • Procure products by researching the Internet, evaluating specialized use, purchasing and/or submitting equipment quotes.
  • Deliver and install system or supervise subcontractors.
  • Provide Help Desk telephone support for duration of each project.
  • Closeout project including archiving records.


Master of Science in Technology Management with Project Management specialization, 2012, GPA 3.8, University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD

Professional Certificate in Project Management, 2010, GPA 4.0, Project Management Institute (PMI), University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD

Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP), 2001, Advanced Professional Certificate, California State Univ./Northridge, Center on Disabilities, Northridge, CA

Professional Certificate as an A+ Service Technician, 1999, CompTIA

Pending: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Pending: Certifiied Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Brainbench Certifications ID# 731039
"Project Management" (8/30/2006), "Computer Forensics" (8/30/2006), "Negotiation Strategy" (4/4/2005), "Training Development" (4/3/2005), "Training Delivery and Evaluation" (4/3/2005), "Problem Solving-Qualitative" (4/4/2005), "HTML", "Interpersonal Communications" (4/3/2005), "Programmer/Analyst Aptitude" (4/4/2005), "Internet Research and Evaluation." (4/4/2005)

"Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents Awareness Level Training Course", 2007, New Mexico Tech: Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center

"Weapons of Mass Destruction Training: Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings - Awareness Level", 2007, New Mexico Tech: Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center